Collections-Charity ambassador is really spoiling us.

Around the charity shops up in Lancashire you can strike gold or be happy with nothing and a sausage roll for the way home. I struck silver gilt but the sausage roll shop was closed so minus points for that.


I think she is missing her maracas but that is an excellent hat.


Precious gifts bestowed on me for the Diana and knitted toy collection.


I always send my most sincerest.


All bought for the covers.


Now to find places for them all, before I end up on hoarders.

Daytrips- The Tatton Flower Show-Part 5- The End.

Weariness had set in and my eyes and nose were streaming but onward I went to find more things to see. I liked the Manchester School of Art greenhouses, the schools gardens and the bus stops very much. I saw a man walk past with a giant butterfly attached to his leg that had escaped from the butterfly house. I made movements with my arms to tell the surrounding crowd about this but nobody saw and the man went into the toilets. I will always remember this moment. I bought a chocolate waffle with cream on top and felt refreshed and sugared up but by this time it was nearly half 5 and I had seen everything twice and my plasters had run out. I had a lovely day and if you get the chance then do go and waft around all day saying 'ooh' and ask questions about why Venus fly traps don't like ham. You can buy tickets for next year HERE


Daytrips- The Tatton Flower Show-Part 4- Dreams arranged neatly.

Round the back and up past the big tent, I came across the special mystery portal world  where dreams can soar or be shattered like a mouldy pumpkin. The long tables full of hope that have taken months and years of work all put out on their own to be judged and seen.

There is something very beautiful about fruits and vegetables arranged neatly. The dynamic of the carrots against the peas, the marrows set against the peppers. Some had gold medals some were highly commended. I never judged any of the fruits or vegetables as I loved them all the same. I liked the big onions very much and the very neat berry selection, the ruffled cabbages and extra long carrots. This is why I will never make the grade to be a judge of fruits and vegetables arranged neatly.

Daytrips- The Tatton Flower Show- Part 3- Like a magazine.

I am still in the big tent at this point and came across cactus world and Bougainvillea world and very over saturated orchids. I like the backgrounds the best as I felt I was in a schools science programme. For 10 minutes I took it upon myself to pretend I was in Sweden or a golden hour desert filled with cactus like a styled Instagram story and to be honest after the 4th plaster had fell off my toe, the pain meant I could have been anywhere. I didn't ask anybody any questions as I felt I had spoke enough so I became a cactus picture taking person that was in a giant tent and I liked it and have no regrets. 

Daytrips- The Tatton Flower Show-Part 2- More Big tent action.

The fun never stops in the big tent. At this point I had started to sneeze quite profusely and had a headache from everything to do with flowers and pollen. I stopped for dinner of chips and gravy and a can of pop and got straight back in there as I'm not a quitter. I asked a lady about her grasses and a man about his bark chippings. I entered a competition to win a holiday in Malaysia and got a free bag for taking part- Cathay Pacific- It is me! I found a lonely 5p and then continued on my rounds.