Holiday Supa Snaps- Kenneth Barden & J E Tyrrell- Mosaic Murals- Gosport.

On my recent road trip holiday, I, like most people before they go away anywhere like to look up murals to visit whilst out and about. I like to then tell my travel companions that they are going to see wondrous sights filled with concrete, murals and tiles. The 20th Century Society is my go to helping guide for all the things that I need to see and I chose to see The Seaward & Harbour Towers. 

I do like a good mural and I wasn't disappointed either. There was quite a lot of building going on so we couldn't get into the main area and it was very, very windy, so the blue block was to be seen only from far away. 

'The pair of 16-storey tower blocks overlooking the harbour were clad with abstract unglazed mosaic murals made by Carter’s of Poole and running the whole 135 feet height. Hugely impressive due to their scale, these murals are best seen from the ferry whilst crossing the river.'

I enjoyed this mini holiday interlude of mosaics very much and wanted to stay longer but I didn't have my ear muffs and these are important when in wind.  

See more about the mosaics and the makers here-

Like more stuff like this? Go to- they have a database of ceramic tile locations- excellent.

Like to find murals? Click the link below and type in where you live and get lost in a sea of never ending pages of beauty -

Recent Shopping Lists.

I have had a bumper, yes bumper load of finds these past few weeks. One almost everyday except last Tuesday, which is very good going into these lean months of just beans and rice pudding.


I hope they got the puree. 

K towel.

Bite size.


Little sausage.

Colour run sheets.

Egg Sandwich.

Apple pie and custard.

and a lovely load of writing about love and happiness and I am imagining whoever wrote it, being dramatically drunk on red wine and then Cherry B from the late shop as all the wine went before half past 8. They are thinking that 'this is a really good idea, I will write it down, I will tell THEM ALL!!!' Until the next morning when they wake up and they daren't open both eyes for fear of remembering that they did dance and shout to ABBA pissed at half 4 in the morning whilst eating three slices of gateaux.  It was inside the sleeve when I brought it home. Gratis treats. 

A collection of things I did and saw last Sunday.

Outgoing post to April, I had no real thought when starting and I am still not sure what it is supposed to be but never mind.

a collection of small plastic people I bought for 99p.

Incoming cake with gold spots on from Beth.

Outgoing to Margaret and Ethel. I wish somebody would decide either way Benny love.

My new potato children warming themselves up until they are put to work in the greenhouse.

Daniel is upset here as he wanted to play with the potato children but understands now that they are not his friends.

Taking Stock Just like Pip said.

Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes, is my internet crush and I always try to take part in her taking stock posts. I take the stock, write it down and then it is suddenly a month later and I have forgotten what it was I was stocking about. However this time Pip has presented me with a quiz and I do love a good quiz/questionnaire. Carrie, remember questionnaire Club?

You can read Pips here or read mine below, or have a go yourself if you like that sort of thing.

My favourite book as a child: Corduroy -Don Freeman

A book, movie or TV show I’ve read or watched over and over again-

The Tales from Fat Tulips Garden-TV series.

A classic I’ve never read, but want to-

The Fountainhead- Ayn Rand.

A book I read in secret as a kid-

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams.

A book that people might be surprised to learn that I loved- 

Flowers in the Attic- V.C Andrews.

A book that made me laugh out loud-

How Hard can Love Be?- Holly Bourne.

A book that made me cry-

A Thomas the Tank Engine one when I was little and the Fat Controller bricked up Henry in the tunnel. The episode is here. Terrible times.

My fictional character crush-

Jareth the Goblin King.

My literary crush-

Oliver Mellors -Lady Chatterleys Lover.

Who’d play me in a movie-

No Idea, answers on a postcard addressed to Daniel.

My favourite under-rated TV show-


The last TV series I binged-

Inspector Montalbano.

My guilty pleasure TV show-

Inspector Frost.

My all-time favourite film-

The Straight Story.

The last book I gave as a present-

A Ladybird book about Cats to my friend Megan.

The book I would use to squish a bug-

Maybe not a book, but neither would I squish it so I would let it walk onto a crap magazine and put it outside and then cut up the magazine for use afterwards.

The song that always makes me feel better-

Suddenly-Angry Anderson.

The last album or playlist I listened to-

A playlist that my boyfriend made for me.

The first album I bought with my own money-

Goodbye Jumbo- World Party.

The first (memorable) film I saw-

Harry and the Hendersons.

The song people may be surprised I know all the words to-

Too Shy Shy-Kajagoogoo

The song that reminds me of my first crush-

Something over the top teen angst like The Smashing Pumpkins or Shakespeare's Sister.

The first book I bought with my own money-

Charlotte Sometimes- Penelope Farmer.

The fictional character I’d want on my side in a zombie apocalypse-

Oliver Mellors.

Dream dinner party guest list?

Jareth the Goblin King, Elizabeth Taylor, Fanny Craddock, Barbara Cartland, Grace Jones.

The movie or film I’d fit right into-


The book I’m reading now-

Life, Art, Words- Tove Jansson autobiography.

When your just too tired.

Daniel had me up in the night, crying his eyes out for fresh cold water to be put into his upstairs drinking ashtray. The crying became so bad I considered telling him off but when I picked him up he was cold so I gave him new water and sausage for being good and then he went to sleep on my cardigan. This early shouting has resulted in me being very, very tired today. So tired that before half 7 I had knocked over the sugar bowl, spilt my cup of tea and dropped my toast into Daniels bed which then rendered it only good for the birds as it was covered in cat hair and skin. 

I have almost finished my letter pile from last year and I made these. Bet is my personal favourite.

This is about all I can muster today. I will aim later to cut up my neighbours annual and make a shrine to Stefan. It is because he makes me feel so good.

Count up, Round up.

Penny land hasn't been that good to me in the year of 2016. I tried my very best and have been on my knees more times than I care to remember picking up stray 5ps from unmentionable places. After the bumper score from 2015 I was certain I was well on the way to £100 at least. Sadly no, my poor knees will never forgive me, neither will the old lady whose shopping trolley became dislodged from her tight grip so I could grab the 10p that was underneath one of the wheels. I want to be sorry but this is real life penny club in action, on the mean streets and that is that. So 2016's score is £11.58. I am striving for the £100 this year and if it means I have to crawl to the pennies through a tunnel filled with jelly then I will just have to, and also eat some.

Christmas was nice and here are some Christmas posts that Daniel and I received. Daniel loved all of his cards and he sat nice and chewed them. The postman even said 'Your cat gets a lot of post doesn't he?' 'Yes, he does!' I chirped like an overprotective lioness. 'He is my precious prince!'. The postman hasn't been back since. I miss him. 

I have started January well I think, one of the best I would say. I have slept in, had baths and completed a day trip to see Picasso's lino cuts at Port Sunlight as this is what day trips in my 34th and a half year look like now. I had a bowl of soup and a turkey butty whilst there but I did not have any car sweets which was most unsettling.

Finally my new bouncy ball collection is looking lovely and I have even fashioned them a crystal bowl (glass) to sit in. Small steps.

Don't It Make You Feel Good?

Little is said about my love for Stefan Dennis. I know I have it, I know I watch his videos on Youtube and I am now using him to sing me out of 2016.

Most of my yearly 'milestones' all involved mainly sitting and talking to Daniel about things regarding other Daniels and what we shall have for us teas.

If I was to compare this year with last year and the three before that, it has been champion. I've visited new places, met new people, done new stuff and eaten two massive buffets in one day of all of the worlds foods. I have made some tear sheets for my forthcoming buffet concept book- 'Why does the jelly look so sad?'

I have a better idea of what I need to do, what I don't need to do, who I need to speak to and who I do not. Its just bands.

Going into next year which is three and a half hours away, I will wake up nice and venture to the garden centre to pick up half price calender's and a bag of bouncy balls. I have decided I have exhausted some of my collections as they have become specialist such as mouses teeth, tiny shoes-like hens teeth and dolls heads washed up on the beach- hells teeth. Bouncy balls provide endless fun and even more fun is felt when you bounce them so hard they go over next doors fence and bounce onto the roof and sometimes block an important gutter drainage system. I am aiming to have the biggest collection of Bouncy balls in the world, be a record breaker, dedication is all I need but I said this about the tiny shoes. 

I have now got two New Year Chicken Kievs in the oven and maybe I will team them with some onion rings and waffles. A special tea.

As we are waiting for Stefan to finish his phonecall lets remind ourselves of this beauty.

and now, let him take you gently into 2017 in a flurry of niceness and slow motion gates being kicked down, as nothing else matters, its true.. Thanks Stefan.

Christmas Consistency.

Each year Christmas comes as a surprise to me and I worry and I rush and I do stuff late and end up with a headache sat surrounded by sellotape and Daniel crying into my face. This year I have taken all of the worry out of it and just decided to be late and not rush, use newspaper as wrapping paper and give the gifts of shells off the beach and some of Daniels fur rolled up into little balls. Consistency is the key inside your Magic Step shoes - Father Christmas 1989 -I am still waiting for a pair.

Here are some things off the beach that may or may not have been wrapped up as Christmas presents.

Much Christmas. Here are my outgoing consistent late parcels decorated with bingo marker for consistent delight and wrapped up in Daniels favourite cat food boxes.

Here are some pictures of Daniel for his Christmas card. As we are consistent with our lack of getting things done, Daniels 2017 calendar of various pictures of him showing his bits has had to be postponed. He just can't move around like he used to and sadly cannot reach them anymore. Poor Daniel. He instead spent the day helping me build a set with his friends on the kitchen table and not really wishing to take part.

A body double was brought in, in case Daniel just couldn't go out there.

And... 'Action Daniel!'

And 'Action Daniel!'

'Again Daniel'

'Just one nice one for me?'

Thanks Daniel.

Moving swiftly away from the worst 5 minutes of Daniels life, I received this beautiful book that Heather made me. I will be writing everything down in it. EVERYTHING.

To finish I bought this majestic packet of incense for 50p as the lady on the front made me. I have buried the incense far away as it makes me sneeze.

It is Daniels hairbrush time now and I am very consistent with this.

Garden crimes that make Daniel sad.

The Sunday before last Sunday, or maybe the Sunday before it was really nice outside. The sun was out and it turned everything white blue in the sky with orange winter sun strewn onto the walls.

As I had received this beauty from Manchester Modernists, the orange went straight to my head.

My prom queen skeleton caught the sun just right on the cat scratched kitchen wall.

Vera held her own with all of her children attached to her legs. 

I ventured out into the garden to look at things. It was very bright out there and I saw a spider eating a chrysalis, well sucking it, it seemed. There are no pictures of this moment.

Further on into my looking I spotted this terrible scene.

I called Daniel to come and see and he was most upset. After some pats and chatting with him about what we had discovered, he told me that it was 'a big bird what done it'. Daniel didn't see anything other than a big bird come into the garden and then it flew away. As Daniel is a prince he would never have committed such an act and he was so upset about it he hid upstairs until the time was right to tell. So after investigations and looking through our AA Book of the Countryside we think it was the Sparrowhawk.  'I believe you Daniel' I said, 'but what do we do with it?'

I was going to name the poor chap/chaplet but instead I have buried it quietly and placed the the head in a piece of tissue so that it will rot away and provide me with a lovely skull and teeths.  A bit like the Man who would be King but without the crown. Daniel agrees that this is a fitting tribute to such a brave mouse, who I now think was the one that was living in the loft and chewing my Sindy caravan box. A nice end to a late night enigma of scratching, squeaking and chewing until 5am.

The fork marks the spot. I have been told that I have to leave it a few months before checking but I once dug up my dead goldfish after two days and ....