Outgoing posts- Cliff and Kylie.

I cannot find my glasses so all of this typing is blurred. I am hoping to find them soon as I need a bath and I won't be able to read the shampoo bottles for vital information otherwise. Here are a few more posts I sent out this week.

It is so funny how we don't talk anymore.

A Collection of holiday Chintz.

There isn't really any chintz, I just said that to get you in as this is all very serious stuff.

Maureens thimbles.  

Shell ears.


Special kitty.

Collections of things on the Cocteau Twins- rhyming.

Call it what you want baby...

Outgoing Posts -Coronation Street, tapes and cats.

With the arrival of July a very northern feel was to be had with some of my posts.

I sent off two Hannah directories using the powers of Emily Bishop and Elsie Tanner. 

Some melons/cucumbers whatever and gold spots.

A lady in space with a tape.

A cat with new eyes.

Tiffany. Yes she was better than Debbie Gibson, yes I had a Tiffany t shirt, yes I am sad I do not have it anymore. Yes I have looked on eBay for a replacement- I might have found one and I might have placed a bid.

Looking into your soul.

Hilda listening to everything.

Queens Rita and Deidre ignoring Ken.

Majestic white kitty of knowledge.

Emily and Vera showing us the way.

Lovely Betty with her kitties.

Daytrips- Sefton Park Palm House- Liverpool.

The Palm House is one of my favourite places in Liverpool. My mum and dad used to court in it, me and my granddad used to walk around the park and look at it through the fence when it was derelict and yesterday I was reminded that it has been 15 years since it reopened after being refurbished. I went the summer it reopened and realising that it really was 15 years ago made me shudder but never mind as it is bougainvillea time! 

I love the all the different colours and I try to go each month if I can to follow the seasons in there. Spring is always good for the jasmine as everywhere smells like honey.

A shouty family of robins came to visit and I considered offering my last mouthful of fruit club biscuit but I ate it and I have felt bad ever since.

You can read more about the Palm House on their website HERE

See whats on HERE- I fancy the Nordic walking as it burns off more calories and then cake for afters.

See more pictures of the Palm House from over 5 years of visits on my Flickr HERE

Hannah Directory 2017

I was dead chuffed to be included in this years Hannah Directory and on Friday I received my copies.

'Hannah Directory is a yearly print publication, website and launch week of events celebrating the great stuff that people are doing in places in England's north, and asking how even more of it can happen.'

It is named after the suffragette and rebel Hannah Mitchell. I have spotted a few people I know inside and this makes it all the more special. As part of my pledge for launch week I will be sending out my copies through the post.

Read more-





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