Lucky Dips, Lady Di and Being Better.

Today I've been sat at the table nice and have got lots of things made, written and sellotaped. After my data brains times, I have been doing a bit of catching up each day and here's some post I've received and sent out so far...

Lovely Instagram swap post from Jordan. 

Look at the badges!

Diamond Queen badge gets pride of place.

Karen gave to me a beautiful Lady Diana tin and a special Diana cup and small china mini trinket pot.

I was also gifted this white lady head pot. Karen said it could be me. I think it probably is.



My Lucky Dip Club September Magic Forest box arrived with a fox sleep mask to make, an owl brooch with wobbly eyes and a mushroom to do list pad.

The deer holds my necklaces safe and sound.

My E for Emma owl badge, resting on a bow.

Outgoing to Jordan with a floral houseplant theme.

My Lucky Diner October box with none other than a golden donut necklace, pizza party magnet and an ice cream sundae t-towel!

Lucky Dip Black Cat Club for life.

I received the tiniest letter from Kamilla in Denmark.

And lots of incomings from Beth.

I shall now go and have some rice pudding with a big spoonful of strawberry jam on top. Maybe some crisps as well. A special tea.