Oh Comely-Perfect Strangers Project.

My lovely friend Karen urgently alerted me to this lovely project whereby you send a Christmas package to a perfect stranger and you in turn get one back. I like this sort of thing very much and I immediately signed up. 

I love Oh Comely , it is my favourite magazine and I am hoping my cries of woe for a forever subscription off Father Christmas will be heard by somebody not mentioning any names Daniel.

I filled in my details and then waited for my swap partner to be announced. I think I do ok at picking and sending gifts out to friends even though sometimes they might go wrong like a set of chattering teeth I sent to somebody who had a teeth phobia, so I wanted my parcel to be special and surprising in a nice way.

I received my swappers details. Her name was Stephanie, she had included a quote by Jack Kerouac and she lived in Berlin. All good stuff.

As I was contemplating all of the details of my swap items to send, my box arrived and just look at it!

Look at this notebook! Its like the book Bastian had in The Never-ending story. I am now Bastian.

Tea for me and a cup and some sugar..

Earring beauties that I will wear always.

Thank you so so much Stephanie for my lovely package of beauty. I hope that you will like what I have sent to you.