Outgoings and Messing about...

I am writing this post on the new site and I think I am doing it right but if not I have set up a Blogger account which will mirror things.  I know its not a massive deal or a job for the Red Cross but your blog and website have loads of stuff on them and its a diary of all the things you are doing, things you have done, places you have been and for it to just not work any more after two years is just not on. Me and Wordpress are over and I've told it to take it's stuff and go.

Anyway for now here is my letter to Petrova. She mentioned in her first letter to me that she liked mixtapes so I made her one. I hope she will like it as music can be funny, what you like someone else may hate but it was just like being 14 again and taping the top 40 on a Sunday night, well not quite but I liked putting it together.


A letter out to Shirley and some incomings from them both.


and a box of treats for Lori.