Recent Zines-Queen of the Track

Having collections of things often comes with responsibility. Responsibility to collect all of the things and also if you have lost a collection over time, you are completely allowed to make a new one.

My small starting zine collection got lost years ago and a lot of them got ruined with moving and decorating. I have found twitter to be really good at hunting out perspective new zines for my new collection and I came across Queen of the track on there. The name did it for me as it has queen in the title and look at that cover!

Queen of the Track is a new Zine for women founded by Flis Mitchell, Hannah Bitowski and Amy LeStrange. Based in Liverpool, I loved being taken into a magical world of being a fan girl, chatting about stuff, reading about things where I said 'yes', the design, fashion, interviews and illustration. I loved all of it and I am looking forward to seeing lots more in the future. There's even an address at the back to send letters and valentines too! I will be doing just that.

You can visit QOTT tumblr HERE, buy it HERE or follow them on Twitter HERE

Thanks Ladies, I love it.