Incomings-Karen Posts.

I cannot begin to describe the parcel of treats I received from my lovely friend Karen. Look at this Queen Mother in silver colourised gilt postcard. It made me gasp. It was Karens best and most precious postcard ever and I am very honoured to now be in possession of it. I am going to get a frame special.

I received so many lovely things and look at this lantern and soap and badges and owl! This book is also lovely. I am a big fan of odd shop names and recently found a florist where I live called 'The Bouquet Residence' after Hyacinth Bouquet and another florist called 'Back to the Fuschia' Where would we be without them.

I was also very pleased to find a Cafe Royal book in my parcel which has some of Karens work inside. I have never owned a Cafe Royal book so I was very excited and pleased to see one and now I have my very own.