Applying Myself - Part 1 - Doings..

For the past three days under the watchful many eyes of Daniel, I have almost caught up with all of my replies, swaps and sendings out. I decided on Sunday night that enough was enough and I was going to do it all. I was not to partake in any gallivanting (except for on Tuesday) no wandering off or driving round looking for cake shops or just nipping out somewhere for a box of cup of a soup. Daniel was also going to help me by being annoyed I was in the house thus disturbing him all day and this in Daniels mind deserves dirty looks and giving me a feeling of dread and failure. I will not fail with my post and here is some of what I've applied myself to so far. Thanks Daniel.

Firstly here is my incoming parcel from Bex who is my most newest penpal.


Look at these beauties! Look at Prince! 

kitty friends.


Here is my reply letter box and a very special present inside of a chalk head pope.

Outgoings to Helene, Kimmie and Sherlyn.

Incoming from Sara, Jenny, Jacquie and Ana.

Incomings from Kate, Kaisa, Kat and Ingrid.

I might just go for a sit down nice for a bit.