Applying Myself -Part 2- Orange and Sailors.

This applying yourself business is very good once you get going. Daniel has laid off a bit this week as it has been a bank holiday and we ate crisps and almond slices quietly. Some incoming posts are from Allison. I won her give-away of a Lil Bub badge and being a Cocteau Twins fan we will write to each other forever, plus we are almost birthday twins.

I'm in the Bub Club! 

Lovely orange post from Ethel. Everything was orange and cat based in honour of Daniel. Ethel also loves The Cocteau Twins so I think I need to make some badges in honour of the moment.

Incoming from Monika with lots of trinkets inside.

Outgoings to Kate. I cut up an old Top of The Pops annual to make these envelopes. Oooh sailor!

Lovely Leo for Monika.

Half Mayor, half crowds for Lady Diana for Ana.

Applying myself has been good. After I have finished applying for everyone, I am hoping to take a whole two weeks off from everything and go and sit in the caravan for a bit but when this two weeks will be I don't know. Hopefully in the next two weeks, or the two weeks after that or after that....