In's and out's and some precious things...

I visited the Charity shop down the road last week and I found this beautiful shell dog and Charles and Diana mini plate. I have no idea why I have started collecting Charles and Di stuff, I think it was the pomander last week that kicked it off proper and my Diana books that I always take the time to read before they are enveloped.

I love my shell dog very much.

Onto posts- very busy with Incomings from Tineke, Kimmie and Helene.

Birthday posts from Cindy with my name on it! Special.

Incomings from Jamie. I espcially like this paper I would like that on a skirt.

Roses from Greta.

Elephants from Sherlyn.

A lovely bit of Barry Manilow going out to Cindy.

Out to Tineke. Tropical.

Out to Jamie with eyes on....


Out to Greta with more eyes...

Out to Margaret with cats and Neon.