Ice Cream, Neighbours and a Mini Break.

This weekend has been nice, my foot is feeling a lot better and I am getting nearer to having some day trips, London mini breaks and sitting in the garden with my coat on and a cup a soup. Today I felt overwhelmed so I drove over to the park in search of a 99 ice cream. I got a bit excited when the lady in front of me asked for sherbet and nuts on her 99 which led me to turning into a gleeful 8 year old just waiting for my ice cream to be bedecked in treats. Unfortunately Mrs ice cream said 'No, we just have raspberry sauce love.'  It was very nice but my flake was small. 

Here are some incomings.


Gemma from Vintage Cheadle sent me these two Neighbours annuals and they are so wonderful. I am in the process of picking out my favourite bits ready to frame. I love Paul and even now when I occasionally (all the time) watch it I still wish I worked at Lassiters and could speak to Rosemary and go to the Water Hole and see Lou. Have you seen Paul's music video on YouTube? Click here. It is a thing of beauty.

Incoming beautiful parcel from Heidi.

Outgoing posts to Heidi with a nice bit of Paul Nicholas attached.