Lucky Dip Club-August- Ice Creams and Extra Cats...

Sometimes I just don't know how the month would be if I didn't have my lucky dip box arriving through the door. The theme for Augusts box was Think Happy Ice Cream and it was just that, happy ice cream goodness and I snatched it off the postman yet again. Soz.

Look at my ice cream Emma necklace and ice cream badge! Beauties.

The best pencil case ever and this is now my BEST pencil for use as best only in my best pencil case.


Best notebook ever...

Ice cream buttons a go-go! I am going to sew them on my cat bag and my peach cardigan.

Also... I couldn't help but order a special cat box as I have no self control. Look at this!!!

Kitty stickers and a cat mirror with a Daniel on it.

A postcard with a cat on a typewriter, naturally.

Cute kitty brooch that will go on my blue duffle coat ready for autumn.

Next months theme is the magic forest and this is very awesome! Thanks Leona!

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