Paper Plant Magazine Issue- 0

Before Christmas I received a copy of Paper Plant magazine. Independently run by Chris O'Leary and Emily Leonard, It’s all about exploring and understanding the creative industry and this is something I need to get back into.

Having been a photographer for many years and then going off doing other things, you constantly need to update your brain on what's going on. Things you thought that you knew you have forgotten, ideas you have are already being done elsewhere and it can get a bit much. 

Paper Plant isn't like that, it features lots of creative people all giving advice, insights into their work and the desire to keep learning and to keep going. There's so much inside and has taught me to keep going, take a step back and also introduced me to some lovely designers, makers and photographers that I am now reading all about.  I am very much looking forward to the new issue.

You can visit Paper Plant here. It’s a beauty.