Fuck the Fuck off January Post Swap.

January stinks. It is cold, your face falls off with the biting north wind. You layer yourself up so much that when you look in the mirror you look like a great big egg. It makes you want to swear into your cup-a-soup. I found that lots of other people want to swear into their cup-a-soups as well, so when I saw Emma's 'Fuck the Fuck Off January' mail swap on twitter, I was in. 

This is my outgoing parcel to my swap partner Sarah. She wrote that she liked the Moomins so I went with Moomin themed insides and Robert on the front.

I received these lovely treats from Caitlin on Monday after a particular terrible incident of dropping my phone in my cup of tea.

There were so many beauties inside and lots of zines, some kitty gloves, stickers, a posh mini stapler...

A ring with eyes, special tape....

Thankyou very much Caitlin for my parcel and thankyou Emma for arranging the swaps. January has officially fucked off!

Type in #ftffojanuary on instagram and twitter to see more parcels.