October Incomings- Part 2

Today I've been to Ness Gardens for my mums birthday. It was very nice and a very pleasing botanical garden and you know I like them very much. It was very colourful and autumnal and I even went jacket less it was so warm.

I'm working tomorrow at the library then it's big time letter replies and I picked up a lot of informative pamphlets in the gift shop to cut up for envelopes.  

Here are some posts I received from Carmen, Nick, Vanesa, Jennifer, Helene, Sarah and Megan. Megan sent me a Gemma Flack zine that I like very much. 

My good friend from school times Emma, sent me a dread for my hair and some feather earrings. I love them.

A parcel of Audrey and ladies with cats from Anne.

And this beauty of a notebook from I Like Cats!

Post addressed to both myself and Daniel from Margaret.

and a sweet watermelon parcel from Isla with a very swish necklace.