Production-Ins and Outs

I burst into life this week and did all of the things I had been meaning to do but instead hid them under piles of pens. I've spent the past few days, filing, form filling, ebaying, cleaning, glueing and writing and although it was short lived I felt much better knowing things have been done. I'm now back to snail world. I like snail world and all the slow things that come with it.  

Nick sent me a postcard from Singapore and I was very jealous as the furthest I got when I was there was the airport transit lounge and the duty free. I decided to have some Singapore noodles for my tea instead and burnt my mouth with the overheated chilli bits that got stuck in my braces. I didn't like any of it so I made an egg sandwich instead. Helene also sent me a card from her holidays and she had been charged an awful lot for an omelette. We have all been stung at some point.

Tiny incomings from Jamie.

Trinkets from Nikki as part of her postal mailing list.

Incoming from Beth.

Outgoing to Nick with a very purple faced Blondie. Its the 1970's lights but even purple she is still cool.

A box of trinkets for Beth with some tapes on.

Steve Strange for Ethel with a halo of crepe paper.

Outgoing to Megan with a lady walking.

Have you been productive this week, even if it was just for one hour? I did spend one day watching Highway to Heaven on DVD and eating crackers with a special cheese assortment but I know that snails like cheese so I'm going with this excuse.