Post, Queues and Bugs.

Since Friday night I have felt a bit off. Off as in I might be sick, I might want to sleep for the rest of the day, I might want some chocolate, I don't want to talk, I have tummy ache, I have been sick, I will sit quiet, repeat. I have a rogue stomach bug and bugs and I don't do well together. I shuffled out to the post office today and had to hold on to the shelves of beans- (It is a mini supermarket as well as a post office) I felt so odd in the queue. Speaking of which you can buy my Shoes in Queues zine on Etsy for 50 whole pence which is nice. I didn't feel well enough to take any queue pictures today but one lady had on a lovely pair of red Reebok Pump trainers which I didn't even know existed any more. I will just have to remember them forever. Blame the bug for you never being able to see them.

Here are some things I posted last week and today and some things I have received.

Outgoing to Megan to say thank you for my Quarterback crisps. 

My Sad Ghost Club Indiegogo presents arrived.

Incoming from Jamie.

Outgoing to Jamie.

Outgoing to Heather and Cindy.

Outgoing to Kat.

and the surface of an envelope to Carrie. It is like a space suit.

I shall now go and wrap myself up in a ball of duvets and eat a small sandwich and drink Ribena very quietly.