Incomings/Outgoings and Bonfire Night Upset.

Today is November the 5th. Bonfire Night, or bommy night or Guy Fawkes Night or Fireworks Night depending on how you like to say it. It has always been a source of upset for me as I spent most of my childhood years watching firework displays with my dads giant 1970's industrial ear protectors on, crying for a toffee apple that I never ate only to be taken back home cold promising myself that I wouldn't ever go again and my parents saying 'I don't know why we take you, you get upset and you know that you don't like the bangs'. In my teens me and my friends would congregate all cool over at the park. We would stand by the Waltzer, watching the firework display, trying not to like it too much. It was loud, we drank cider and chewed chewy. I used to stand by the speakers hoping that the happy 90's hardcore would drown out the bangs until my secret was nearly uncovered one time when the music suddenly stopped. My fingers were in my ears and my chewy had gone stale. I said I was just fixing my earrings- my ears weren't pierced then, I think I got away with it... 

 I have spent my older years watching the local parks display from my bedroom window or visiting big events elsewhere. I would make 'oooh' noises until I could get back indoors, usually deaf from my ear plugs. I do like the displays and I like the colours and the music and the time of year, its just the bangs. I don't put my fingers in my ears any more but I still might if there's a massive bang that takes me off guard. My secret was that I learnt to listen to the woompf sound before a firework went off, the bigger the woompf the louder the bang. Its a funny thing to visit the doctors about- 'Oh hello, yes I'm ok thanks but I am 33 and a half and I still get scared of the bangs fireworks make along with my blood and bones phobia and skin at the side of fingernails being picked or messed with in front of me phobia' but that's a different story.  My name is Emma, and I am a recovering woompfer. I like sparklers though and here are pictures I took of some mini ones I had. These were nice and quiet but also very small. 

Note- I am also not fond of balloons either they make me nervous and I have been known at parties and events to remove balloons into a safe area away from me or let them go and be free outside. If I have been to one of your events and your balloons have gone missing, it was me.

Outgoing  posts to Kimmie, Margaret and Nikki.

Incoming from Lorelai and a surprise of a Sad Ghost Club zine! I wonder if there's a sad fireworks zine anywhere? 

Incoming from Beth.

Lovely postcards from Nik, Kat and April.

Incoming post from Carrie with a questionnaire and some homework to complete.

Daniel also purchased this lovely blue ribbon for me and yes I am still trying and thank you Daniel for thinking of me whilst thinking of yourself. It is my new favourite thing and I say it to myself all the time- today especially.

Daniel also purchased these temporary tattoos from Sad Ghost Club and he is hoping to share them with me soon. I love Sad Ghost Club.

Outgoing to Laura with toffee apples.

Outgoing to Sarah and Dennis, with pumpkins on top.