December, December....

December to me feels like the quickest month of the year. Blink and it's the 18th.  A week later your eating a big dinner, the week after that it is a brand new year. I have had a good year in terms of comparing where I was and how I was feeling last December. I cut back on a lot of things, learned to live a bit slower, started a new job, amassed almost £20 in found monies and started my degree again, this time properly. All in my own slow times. What I haven't been slow at is my Christmas post as I like to adhere to the last postal dates. Here are some outgoings to Louise, Leigh and Alison.

Outgoing to April and Lianne.

A parcel for my brand new pen pal Leanne and sleepy post for Laura and Elliott.

Incoming postcards from Nick, Megan and Kate.

A Christmas slice covered in custard is unfortunately calling my name from the kitchen so I best go and eat it all quick.