All of the things I've not shown you in February.

I have received some really nice things so far in this month of February. As I am a slow coach I will stop chatting and show you all of the pictures of the nice things with small narrative.

I received this zine from my pen pal Kate and after reading it I fully believe that in some cases in a particular moment in time, I have been all the boyfriends I have ever had as well. Isn't it funny when you think back through past things.  Maybe one day I will write all about it but I would change it to be more like a Barbara Cartland and Mills and Boon novel so as not to offend. 

I received my January Lucky Dip Club box., which was themed 'Valley of the Unicorns'

A new zine full of data.

Unicorn brooch by I Love Crafty. 

I am going to have some spaghetti now and write some replies and maybe have an orange as my  pudding.