Etsy- Letterloves Paper Dip Dab Record Sleeve Ephemera Surprise Packs!

I have been wanting to make up little packs of paper things for my Etsy shop for a long time now. I sometimes use 7 inch vinyl sleeves as envelopes for my letters and I like to send the record as well as its a nice thing and why not have some music while you read? It is good to have paper bits and letters and musics so I made them for you nice!

 In each dip dab (like a sherbet one but with paper)  you will get a selection of various paper bits and pieces, stamps, labels, collage bits and a record that will be picked at random as a surprise.

You can visit my Etsy shop here if you would like to see more.

Here are some nice pictures of some of the treats you may find inside....