Incoming and Outgoing- Day-trips and Data

Neil and I are having a lot of day-trips this week, sorry I have planned some small day-trips I would like to go on and Neil will be my companion of travel. I am hoping that we can go to The Whitworth in Manchester and then walk around town looking for coins and treasures. As I am planning things to see and visit I got a move on with my post and I have completed every last piece, even my swaps and thank you notes. The best is me that's who!

Valentine postcard from Vanesa.

I received a nice parcel from Karen, containing Neon buntings, a bright red blouse and an Olivetti Valentine typewriter postcard. I am yet to find a Valentine in a little shop tucked away and all dusty for £2. I doubt I ever will.

A twisty worm... a magic twisty worm.

A small note and picture from Anne.

A beauty of an envelppe from Lorelai.

And this book for Daniel. He didn't want to discuss his hips or thighs and I told him he was pretty and gave him some cheese. Its all my fault isn't it.

Incoming letter from Jacqui.

I am now going to plan some day-trips, mini holidays and also write a list of books I would like the library to order in for me nice. I like to keep up with the latest book and holiday data.