October incomings -Part 1

Things have gotten away from me recently and as soon as one month comes another arrives. I have had quite a few postcards sent through to me asking where I am and I'm sorry, I am here and I have your posts and I'm dead bad.  

I decided at the beginning of the year to calm my letters down a bit and write when it felt right to and not rush but I've taken this to extremes in certain areas and I have letters dating from April this year that I haven't replied to yet. I can't say why or give an explanation I just know that I'm sorry for my etiquette. I love all of the post I receive and my letter pals very much and I'm sorry about the no talkings.

So here are some of my incoming posts that I have received in no particular order.

Incoming from Karen with a lovely pleasing box that will go on my pleasing boxes shelf.

Incoming from Ethel with some handy hints.

Beauties from Heather in Japan.

Incoming from Jamie.

Lots of spots from Kamilla. 

Faces from Kimmie and Ingrid.