September- Piles of stuff.

With all of my new job data to process I have been a terrible pen pal and friend and I haven't written a single letter or glued a piece of paper down in over three weeks. I'm trying to not let it upset me and I have bought a new set of glue sticks and some neon wax paper for special posts. Sometimes you just can't do all of the things, all of the time.

I did do a good thing though and order this badge where I have pledged not to be a dick forever more.  Sometimes you can be forgiven for being a small dick in certain circumstances but then you can run the risk of becoming a massive one if you leave it unchecked. It's best to just not be one and wear your badge to remind you for future reference.

You can get your own badge here

Helen from Ladybird,Fly Away Home sent me this lovely book all about teeth. I have been looking for a copy for a long time and she very kindly sent me one. It now lives on my teeth shelf which contains two teeth, one from a sheep I found on the beach and one of my nephews baby teeth- for information -it was just the tooth I found not the whole sheep and my nephew still got his tooth fairy money, I just have the tooth for safe keeping. I've saved a small space for my one day dream of finding a pair of dentures washed up on the beach. Its not weird.

and finally here is Daniel guarding the penny club proceeds jar. We have found and counted £17.39 from January this year so that's nice.