When your just too tired.

Daniel had me up in the night, crying his eyes out for fresh cold water to be put into his upstairs drinking ashtray. The crying became so bad I considered telling him off but when I picked him up he was cold so I gave him new water and sausage for being good and then he went to sleep on my cardigan. This early shouting has resulted in me being very, very tired today. So tired that before half 7 I had knocked over the sugar bowl, spilt my cup of tea and dropped my toast into Daniels bed which then rendered it only good for the birds as it was covered in cat hair and skin. 

I have almost finished my letter pile from last year and I made these. Bet is my personal favourite.

This is about all I can muster today. I will aim later to cut up my neighbours annual and make a shrine to Stefan. It is because he makes me feel so good.