Taking Stock Just like Pip said.

Pip Lincolne from Meet Me at Mikes, is my internet crush and I always try to take part in her taking stock posts. I take the stock, write it down and then it is suddenly a month later and I have forgotten what it was I was stocking about. However this time Pip has presented me with a quiz and I do love a good quiz/questionnaire. Carrie, remember questionnaire Club?

You can read Pips here or read mine below, or have a go yourself if you like that sort of thing.

My favourite book as a child: Corduroy -Don Freeman

A book, movie or TV show I’ve read or watched over and over again-

The Tales from Fat Tulips Garden-TV series.

A classic I’ve never read, but want to-

The Fountainhead- Ayn Rand.

A book I read in secret as a kid-

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams.

A book that people might be surprised to learn that I loved- 

Flowers in the Attic- V.C Andrews.

A book that made me laugh out loud-

How Hard can Love Be?- Holly Bourne.

A book that made me cry-

A Thomas the Tank Engine one when I was little and the Fat Controller bricked up Henry in the tunnel. The episode is here. Terrible times.

My fictional character crush-

Jareth the Goblin King.

My literary crush-

Oliver Mellors -Lady Chatterleys Lover.

Who’d play me in a movie-

No Idea, answers on a postcard addressed to Daniel.

My favourite under-rated TV show-


The last TV series I binged-

Inspector Montalbano.

My guilty pleasure TV show-

Inspector Frost.

My all-time favourite film-

The Straight Story.

The last book I gave as a present-

A Ladybird book about Cats to my friend Megan.

The book I would use to squish a bug-

Maybe not a book, but neither would I squish it so I would let it walk onto a crap magazine and put it outside and then cut up the magazine for use afterwards.

The song that always makes me feel better-

Suddenly-Angry Anderson.

The last album or playlist I listened to-

A playlist that my boyfriend made for me.

The first album I bought with my own money-

Goodbye Jumbo- World Party.

The first (memorable) film I saw-

Harry and the Hendersons.

The song people may be surprised I know all the words to-

Too Shy Shy-Kajagoogoo

The song that reminds me of my first crush-

Something over the top teen angst like The Smashing Pumpkins or Shakespeare's Sister.

The first book I bought with my own money-

Charlotte Sometimes- Penelope Farmer.

The fictional character I’d want on my side in a zombie apocalypse-

Oliver Mellors.

Dream dinner party guest list?

Jareth the Goblin King, Elizabeth Taylor, Fanny Craddock, Barbara Cartland, Grace Jones.

The movie or film I’d fit right into-


The book I’m reading now-

Life, Art, Words- Tove Jansson autobiography.