Pickle forks and Daniel not Understanding.

I am currently not enjoying the first days of March as I have a cold and a cough and it is a colossal waste of everybody's time. The only decent thing about it is that I wake up twice very early in the morning and hear the blackbird singing whilst I cough along. Then two hours later I open up my curtains and window to stick my head outside and cough some more and I see my pigeon pals getting it on, on top of the greenhouse. This is fine until they move to the gutter above my window around 10am. It needs to stop.

I have however enjoyed these forks very much and they are excellent for eating pickles and beans one at a time.

Incoming posts from Laura, Elliott and Tilly. Daniel became frightened of the catnip candy bar as his back toenails are long and it became attached to one. We would rather not re-live it but his nails have been trimmed and styled and the catnip candy bar is being reintroduced slowly. 

Things from off me holidays..

A book dedicated to dentistry and showing me how I can prevent this happening to me. I have a large orthodontic receipt to prove I understand this prevention and a direct debit to match.


My very own Wings of Love painting present from Dan. Daniel doesn't understand it.

He even asked Len to help him, but Len didn't understand it either. 

I shall go and drink my second bottle of Buttercup syrup now and plan my bedtime around my cough and Daniels blanket changes.