Stuff, Bits and Dancing.

After a fair few big drives up, down and around these past three weeks, I am going to spend the next few days, mainly sitting, maybe I will dress myself, maybe I won't. Maybe I will eat lots of crisps or maybe I will stick to the bread sticks I have been trying to give everybody gratis but have ended up having to eat due to the best before.

Either way, I am not going to be doing much except catching up with Inspector Frost and probably trying to iron that dress that is un-ironable.

Stuffs- Dan bought me this beautiful cup that is now the keeper of my Chewits. It is important to have a keeper of such things.

Important picture from Worthing that is very important but my dad has since told me 'It Is not as old as you think it is Emma, could even be an off cut' ? whatever, I like it and it is going to be hung up above my snow globes.

Bits- Dean goes Dixie will be an evelope soon so look quick and remember.

I liked the cover on this so it may survive the scissors.

I got 20 old patterns for 40p in the charity shop. I think it was a mistake but also I think they just wanted rid. They have now ridden into my arms and I like how cross Bond Street Wendy is. 


Some sort of knitted, stitched and embroidered scene all in one. The lambs are my favourite. Unassuming. 

This has been included in the bits as I was convinced Daniel had wet himself as I could smell wee, turns out gypsophila smells like wee when it is on its way out. It looks nice though all the same. 

Dancing- This was inside a book I bought and it told me to enjoy dancing so...

I whipped out my glitter ball, shone my 1000 watt torch onto it and grabbed Daniel...

We managed a natural turn and then he bit my head. Next week we will try the 'Start Daniel' step.