Bad Weather and Posts.

I like autumn, I like the colours,the light and the sunny days, I like wearing hats and gloves and I like my slippers. I do not like the wind, rain, damp and being blown across the road into the post office. Today I lost my temper so much, that I found myself almost shaking my fist at the sky. After catching a glimpse of myself in the window, I realised that I was being quite ridiculous and and I posted my letters and went home out the way.

So now I am back indoors nice look at my lovely Djibouti Diana stamps! Such beauties and the likeness is startling.

Outgoing to Sarah in Canada. a pizza party envelope.

Incoming postcards from Beth and a letter from Kate.

More pizza time for Kate.

I received this lovely Etiquette with Emma quiz paper from Leona all about the trials of how to behave in certain situations.

The lovely envelope it came in. Thankyou Leona!

Collage times from Allie.

Outgoing to Allie.

Incoming from Anne with cat times.

Outgoing to Anne.

Autumn card from Beth.

I am now going to have a mince pie and a cup of tea with Daniel. Daniel will have cat milk and cheese.