Nice Things...

I started off the first week of the rest of my life with the first day of the rest of my life on Monday. As this week has progressed I went to bed too late, overslept every day and had egg on toast three times for breakfast. The rest of the time I had shredded wheat.  I need to rewrite my list....

I have however received some lovely posts and I have sent out some very overdue posts as well. 

This Christmas card from Kat played some lovely tunes and Daniel licked it and sat on it.

Christmas card wall. Thankyou to everyone who sent myself and Daniel cards. We enjoyed them very much.


Incomings from Allie, Ana and Keiko.

Sheena Easton for Jamie. I hope it catches the morning (post) train ho ho! 

And lovely incomings from Sarah with pandas. 

I will start all over again on Monday better and with less eggs.