Christmas, Gin and Snow.

It is now Boxing day and I have just eaten a big plate of crackers with cheeses and I am about to sample the sloe gin my brother made and gave to me as a Christmas present. Tasty. It is also snowing outside which is very good news. My sledge is ready for the morning.

I am still sending out and wrapping up Christmas things but as the 12 days of Christmas end on the 6th January it all still counts.

Here is a lovely card made by my seven year old self for Debbie.

A lovely box of treats from Anne with some very special tinsel insides.

Outgoing to Debbie.

Outs to Kate.

Lovely gifts from Beth.

I might go and open the pickles and have them on some sticks. Posh pickles.


Shiny Swaps and Budgies.

Last month I took part in quite a few Christmas post swaps and one of which was the Yuletide swap by my friend Ingrid. My swap partner was to be a lady called Isobel and the list she wrote for trinkets she liked was very informative. I always think I don't do very well with swaps as I either get it completely wrong or go over the top and send everything. I did some snooping and I sent her a mixture of things and also forgot to include a pile of other things with the parcel. I will post them out during the week.

In-between all this I received my parcel and as the postman gave it to me he said 'ooh its a shiny one' I said 'Ha look at the ladies face!' I love my postman.

Budgie tats and stickers. 

Two lovely books with some lovely pictures inside. The Homes and Gardens is a personal favourite.

Kitty badges.

and some beautiful zines. Lots of reading for me over Christmas.

Thank you to Steve at Young Explorer for my lovely Yuletide swap parcel and to Ingrid for creating it. Lovely stuff.

Lucky Dip Club O'Rama

After immediate thought and consulting with Daniel, we decided that we couldn't live without our Lucky Dip Club boxes arriving each month so we have forfeited our chip shop teas so that we can have them forever more. 

Firstly is the Lucky Dip cat box I ordered which is made in collaboration with Harriet Gray from Hello Harriet. Its a beauty with a bag, a kitty brooch and a card. Puurfect.

In my November Lucky Dip box was this lovely paper fan.

Circus treats...

A letter E keyring.

and this beautiful tape. You're the best, no.. you're the best and so on...

December Christmas treats included a wallet, kitsch bunting and a bow belle tree decoration. Fancy.

A planner which is very much needed with my cotton wool brain, a red glitter heart brooch and a sparkly bow. Lovely stuff.

I will do! Thank you Leona from Emma aged 32 and a half and Daniel aged 15 and three quarters.

Happy Christmas everyone!



A week to go... Mashed potato stress.

Today is the 17th of December. One year ago today I had braces put on my teeth and in one weeks time it will be Christmas Eve. I am currently in a big ball of  'tasks not completed' world. The last posting dates are upon me, Daniel hasn't spoken to me properly for two days and my face is getting itchy.

I got quite nervous earlier so I decided to visit the garden centre for some peace. I had a posh bowl of soup with vegetables and croutons in and a cup of tea. 

Unfortunately over at the till,  a lady dropped her tray and her dinner went everywhere. I did a small 'wheeey' to myself but I realised it wasn't the school canteen, I am not 14 any more and it was really inappropriate. The lady was helped in a flash, was escorted to a nice settee and given a new dinner gratis.

With that I decided to stop stressing and I am going to ignore the final posting dates and post my letters regardless. I decided the lady who dropped her dinner had a lot more going on than me AND her umbrella went into her mashed potato. Terrible times.

Here are some nice times. Outgoing to Marie and Isla.

Sprouts and a Christmas Lady Di.

Salmon post for Kat.

Outgoing mince pie post to Leona.

That's better.

Neon Overload

I like all the neon colours that you can possibly imagine. I have decided to bring these colours into my everyday life by having neon pink bands put on my braces and buying a tasteful neon green pencil case. 

Here is some lovely pink kitty post from Karen.

A lovely envelope of treats from Beth. I like the ladies face.

A letter book from Heather in Japan.

Beauties and jewels from Lorelai.

A letter from lovely Kate.

and a tiny zine from Kate. I went yellow with it. Nice.

I am taking my mum shopping now and I will get some sausage treats for Daniel and a Victoria sponge for me. Has anybody put their Christmas tree up yet?