Don't It Make You Feel Good?

Little is said about my love for Stefan Dennis. I know I have it, I know I watch his videos on Youtube and I am now using him to sing me out of 2016.

Most of my yearly 'milestones' all involved mainly sitting and talking to Daniel about things regarding other Daniels and what we shall have for us teas.

If I was to compare this year with last year and the three before that, it has been champion. I've visited new places, met new people, done new stuff and eaten two massive buffets in one day of all of the worlds foods. I have made some tear sheets for my forthcoming buffet concept book- 'Why does the jelly look so sad?'

I have a better idea of what I need to do, what I don't need to do, who I need to speak to and who I do not. 

Going into next year which is three and a half hours away, I will wake up nice and venture to the garden centre to pick up half price calender's and a bag of bouncy balls. I have decided I have exhausted some of my collections as they have become specialist such as mouses teeth, tiny shoes-like hens teeth and dolls heads washed up on the beach- hells teeth. Bouncy balls provide endless fun and even more fun is felt when you bounce them so hard they go over next doors fence and bounce onto the roof and sometimes block an important gutter drainage system. I am aiming to have the biggest collection of Bouncy balls in the world, be a record breaker, dedication is all I need but I said this about the tiny shoes. 

I have now got two New Year Chicken Kievs in the oven and maybe I will team them with some onion rings and waffles. A special tea.

As we are waiting for Stefan to finish his phonecall lets remind ourselves of this beauty.

and now, let him take you gently into 2017 in a flurry of niceness and slow motion gates being kicked down, as nothing else matters, its true.. Thanks Stefan.

Christmas Consistency.

Each year Christmas comes as a surprise to me and I worry and I rush and I do stuff late and end up with a headache sat surrounded by sellotape and Daniel crying into my face. This year I have taken all of the worry out of it and just decided to be late and not rush, use newspaper as wrapping paper and give the gifts of shells off the beach and some of Daniels fur rolled up into little balls. Consistency is the key inside your Magic Step shoes - Father Christmas 1989 -I am still waiting for a pair.

Here are some things off the beach that may or may not have been wrapped up as Christmas presents.

Much Christmas. Here are my outgoing consistent late parcels decorated with bingo marker for consistent delight and wrapped up in Daniels favourite cat food boxes.

Here are some pictures of Daniel for his Christmas card. As we are consistent with our lack of getting things done, Daniels 2017 calendar of various pictures of him showing his bits has had to be postponed. He just can't move around like he used to and sadly cannot reach them anymore. Poor Daniel. He instead spent the day helping me build a set with his friends on the kitchen table and not really wishing to take part.

A body double was brought in, in case Daniel just couldn't go out there.

And... 'Action Daniel!'

And 'Action Daniel!'

'Again Daniel'

'Just one nice one for me?'

Thanks Daniel.

Moving swiftly away from the worst 5 minutes of Daniels life, I received this beautiful book that Heather made me. I will be writing everything down in it. EVERYTHING.

To finish I bought this majestic packet of incense for 50p as the lady on the front made me. I have buried the incense far away as it makes me sneeze.

It is Daniels hairbrush time now and I am very consistent with this.

Everyday- December.

The Sunday before last Sunday, or maybe the Sunday before it was really nice outside. The sun was out and it turned everything white blue in the sky with orange winter sun strewn onto the walls.

As I had received this beauty from Manchester Modernists, the orange went straight to my head.

My prom queen skeleton caught the sun just right on the cat scratched kitchen wall.

Vera held her own with all of her children attached to her legs. 

I ventured out into the garden to look at things. It was very bright out there and I saw a spider eating a chrysalis, well sucking it, it seemed. There are no pictures of this moment.

Further on into my looking I spotted this terrible scene.

I called Daniel to come and see and he was most upset. After some pats and chatting with him about what we had discovered, he told me that it was 'a big bird what done it'. Daniel didn't see anything other than a big bird come into the garden and then it flew away. As Daniel is a prince he would never have committed such an act and he was so upset about it he hid upstairs until the time was right to tell. So after investigations and looking through our AA Book of the Countryside we think it was the Sparrowhawk.  'I believe you Daniel' I said, 'but what do we do with it?'

I was going to name the poor chap/chaplet but instead I have buried it quietly and placed the the head in a piece of tissue so that it will rot away and provide me with a lovely skull and teeths.  A bit like the Man who would be King but without the crown. Daniel agrees that this is a fitting tribute to such a brave mouse, who I now think was the one that was living in the loft and chewing my Sindy caravan box. A nice end to a late night enigma of scratching, squeaking and chewing until 5am.

The fork marks the spot. I have been told that I have to leave it a few months before checking but I once dug up my dead goldfish after two days and ....

Holiday Power Sliding.

I haven't been power sliding on holiday or even know what power sliding really is but it came into my head and this is what I am going with. Quite a few bits and pieces have gone on this past month.  I found a letter D for Daniel and he hated it.

Sarah sent me an Orinoco patch. I do remember often that I am a Womble.

I went on my holidays to see Dan and the charity shops sent me these.

Gifts from Dan of Cocteau Twins and a misunderstood monkey bear person called Algernon.

All the best things.

I amassed quite a few lists. I hope somebody did phone Maeve and get the potatoes.

After a trip to Fishbourne where we saw knitted Romans, we ended up living in Bognor for a few hours. We were perplexed but the beach provided us with evening niceness and beamed down an old Smarties lid.

Chichester provided Marmite and some hygiene. Marmite can make you feel this way sometimes.

Two golden beauties were purchased for a £1 that I was going to cut up but I cannot ever do this.

You bet!

I might frame this and hang it above my bed. I will call them 'The Daniels'

Lots of gold was found on the streets of holiday world and I will be spending it all next week on the Penny Club World Buffet Tour parts 1-4.

You can see more holidays here and a very misunderstood alarm installation in Chichester Cathedral. It had a quiet beauty of all its own. 

Spoons, Victorians and a Knitted Teddy.

After a very nice few weeks of this and that and some Victorian courting I have finally sat down to attend to my correspondence. I am now entering the 'get everything sent out ready before Christmas' stage which I spectacularly fail at every year. I pride myself on my consistency.

Here is a lovely card from Heather with some birds that could be fish but are probably birds on.

Egg post from Sarah with a very nice patch. I can assure you if they did, they will have me to deal with.

On a our first Victorian date, Dan gave me these postcards as present with the lovely Miss Wong being my favourite. 

Then presented these.. to the naked eye they are posh spoons, silver glittery spoons with crowns and a carriage and some people on the top but hang on a minute!!!......

It's only Charles and Di on their wedding day!! They are my new posh forever pudding spoons, one day it could be the carriage with a fruit cocktail, the next Westminster Abbey with a raspberry trifle. Charles and Di will have the pleasure of eating Butterscotch Angel delight tonight with digestives on top.

Prince and Werewolves on VHS. I'm sold!

A very overdue outgoing envelope featuring everyone's favourite landlady Bet Lynch, just don't mention the Gilroy years please.

Here is a very funny story (it isn't) I love Hyacinth Bucket, she is my spirit guide for pretend poshness and I also love Patricia Routledge. I had an excellent idea that I should write to her, I dreamed about doing so, so obviously it was a sign. I hunted out her managements address and decided that the best way to her heart would be to make a lovely collage of Hyacinths with a special winking Hyacinth at the bottom. I mean who wouldn't be pleased with this show of affection? I enclosed a SAE so she couldn't refuse my gift and simply had to send a note of thanks and here we are over 8 weeks and 3 days later and nothing, not a sausage. Pat, love, I am hurt.

Being Victorian means you can listen to nice melodies and waltzes in your spare time.

I received a copy of the coveted crisp zine from Seleena and I wrote a bit about my love of Smiths Tubes. Go and visit her at and buy her zines at-

Sarah and I went on a mini Penny Club summit last month and we felt the painful need for cake after videoing an automaton. Sarah mentioned we could go to Valerie's as they do lovely cakes and I wanted gateaux. 'What size are the slices? ample? small? enough?' I asked. 'Fucking massive' Sarah replied. Excellent.

More Cocteau Twins from Dan. I might frame it as look at that marbling plus it is very special.

Shells and a badge of wonderment.

and a snow globe of Victorian Christmas man in hat with bag. Its not Victorian.

And the best knitted teddy who lives on the newly acquired knitted teddy shelf. He is a proper keeper.

After lots of trips and sights the total penny count for this week has been 3p. One was waited for, one I held a queue up for and the other I pulled my back out for. Worth it.

Special Brighton snow globe action. It is very grand isn't it.

Now I eat and bathe as Daniel needs his hair combing and tummy times.