Letters- Stuff all over the floor...

I cannot seem to do things in a tidy fashion. If I have lots of letters to catch up with then all of the floors in most rooms are taken up with wrapping, sorting, labelling, glittering and then Daniel will try to help by lying all over everything. Ha! who am I kidding all of my things are always all over the floor, all of the time.

This has been the daily thing for the past week and a half now and a lot of posts have now crept up the stairs and I even found an envelope selection in my car. 

I am well on the way to completing my Daniel zine be it a bit later than planned. It all got wiped away as my computer broke down. The day before I had said to myself  'I should save my files properly and print it out properly so I can change it and have it to look at, as I bet the computer breaks, oh... it’s broken'. So I have started it all over again.

I have my Daniel Christmas cards ready so Christmas posts will be going out in the next two weeks and I promise, promise, promise I will be a lot better and quicker at writing and replying in future and I promise not to wander off too much.

But.... if I didn't wander off at all, then how would I be able to present you with lovely tropical treats such as this?!

I received this lovely stationery parcel from Rehana. Lots of special treats and a stripey cat postcard.

I did an instagram swap with the lovely Jenna and she sent me a copy of her biscuit zine and a very special Scott and Charlene treat. I did a very big gasp when I opened it up and I have been wearing it out and about with glee. I am even thinking about putting it on the top of the Christmas tree, pride of place.

This calls for a nice bit of this.

Outgoing to Margaret.

Incoming postcards.

Post card swap from Nora.

Outgoing Halloween cards.

I shall go now and wade through all of my things and have some tea and maybe a cheese scone.