Everyday- A week to go... Mashed potato stress.

Today is the 17th of December. One year ago today I had braces put on my teeth and in one weeks time it will be Christmas Eve. I am currently in a big ball of  'tasks not completed' world. The last posting dates are upon me, Daniel hasn't spoken to me properly for two days and my face is getting itchy.

I got quite nervous earlier so I decided to visit the garden centre for some peace. I had a posh bowl of soup with vegetables and croutons and a cup of tea. 

Unfortunately over at the till, a lady dropped her tray and her dinner went everywhere. I did a small 'wheeey' to myself but I realised it wasn't the school canteen, I am not 14 any more and it was really inappropriate. The lady was helped in a flash, was escorted to a nice settee and given a new dinner gratis.

With that I decided to stop stressing and I am going to ignore the final posting dates and post my letters regardless. I decided the lady who dropped her dinner had a lot more going on than me AND her umbrella went into her mashed potato. Terrible times.

Here are some nice times. Outgoing to Marie and Isla.

Sprouts and a Christmas Lady Di.

Salmon post for Kat.

That's better.