Shiny Swaps and Budgies.

Last month I took part in quite a few Christmas post swaps and one of which was the Yuletide swap by my friend Ingrid. My swap partner was to be a lady called Isobel and the list she wrote for trinkets she liked was very informative. I always think I don't do very well with swaps as I either get it completely wrong or go over the top and send everything. I did some snooping and I sent her a mixture of things and also forgot to include a pile of other things with the parcel. I will post them out during the week.

In-between all this I received my parcel and as the postman gave it to me he said 'ooh its a shiny one' I said 'Ha look at the ladies face!' I love my postman.

Budgie tats and stickers. 

Two lovely books with some lovely pictures inside. The Homes and Gardens is a personal favourite.

Kitty badges.

and some beautiful zines. Lots of reading for me over Christmas.

Thank you to Steve at Young Explorer for my lovely Yuletide swap parcel and to Ingrid for creating it. Lovely stuff.