Everyday- Happy New Garden Centre Year!!

I've made up this actual event as it's something my mum and I started doing on New Years Days. We go to the garden centre, buy half price calenders, those posh cheese biscuits as a treat for garden centre day then back home for the last of the mince pies. As I'm writing this I am finishing off the last of the Christmas cake and I spotted some violet creams in the cupboard earlier which out of respect, I will also eat.

Another thing about January is the renewed feeling of it finally getting lighter outside, planning the garden, going to the beach after the big tides to get trinkets and writing that lovely list I call 'Emma's things she should have done years ago'. I actually did go to the beach on New Years Eve and I saw some grasses, found some nets and a yellow label with a mermaids purse underneath. 

I never make resolutions like 'don't eat any more cake', 'be a better Emma' or 'exercise regularly' as I never make it past the first week. Instead I write lists of things I should have done years ago or stuff I would like to complete. 

From the top-  

1. Enrol on the art foundation course at the college in town and stop fretting about the future-  Everything I do in my life is back to front, houses, jobs, being a grown up SO... I'm going to go back to college- do the art foundation as I need to learn everything all over again then go to university to do a fine art degree and...then do a Masters and become an art therapist. I'm doing it, I'm going to like it, I'm going to do it properly this time and I won't be nervous or have a funny do.


3. Go to bed earlier..get up earlier -HA!

4. Attend to my correspondence as soon as it arrives- Bad pen-pal Emma.

5. Sell all of my things to fund impending older persons student life.  

6. Think about cutting my hair into a tasteful bob. 

7. Buy a bow and arrow- I passed my training so technically I am an archer. An archer of truth and crisps.

8. Get my braces off- I don't notice them so much now but I really would like to feel my teeth again and stop contemplating whether orange would be a good colour choice for them or a terrible mistake.

9. Make a dress/skirt- all of my future clothes just like Nanny used to.

10. Make a proper office/desk/studio space to put my Bert and Ernie lights up and create a space for my teas-maid.

11. Get Daniel a selection of hats for summer. 

12. Start swimming again- I used to be a three times a weeker.

13. Eat grapes-just the green ones.

14. Clean the doughnut icing of my car seat- clean car- buy new air freshener-fix nodding cats head back on.

15. Attend events- zine fairs, craft fairs, art events/exhibitions/meet ups- I'm not going to be sick, people are nice and if I get nervous I can have a glacier mint preferably a fruit glacier - blackcurrant but ideally raspberry.

16. Iron clothes when they are first washed not 6 months later- Hang up ironed clothes-put away sundry items-not on the floor.

17. Watch films I've never seen so I can join in when people say 'oh remember in Ghostbusters' er no as I haven't seen it, or Star Wars or Back to the Future one and two etc. I liked the Dark Crystal, Krull, Labyrinth and The Never Ending Story more and playing in the garden and burying my Sindys. I also like Salems lot. so.... 

18. Clean my shoes- keep them clean- rotate shoes- don't buy any more shoes.

19. Stop buying pencil sharpeners with faces on.  

20. Stop getting cross if people walk too slow in front of me- not everybody has a walking pace the same as me. (WHY NOT!!!)

21. Be a better driver. The lolly pop man has to stop the traffic for the children. Some people forget that green is for go at the traffic lights and that petrol stations are for people to chat and hold up the queue. There is no need for me to use my horn so much.  

22. Ask the man at the charity shop down the road if I can come in one day and clean and catalogue his bookshelves. The Question of Sport annual does not go in the literature section it goes in the recycling bin. The best of Inspector Morse does not go in the action film section it comes home with me. 

23. Wear my orange floaty pants more- it is still 1995 in my mind.

24. Stay at the caravan for whole weeks at a time and do walking and drivings and beaching and eat chips. 

25. Rewrite this list in February

Sound any good?