Letters-December, December.

All of a sudden I have been doing lots and lots of things but not really achieving anything very fast except being covered in glitter. I'm not being twee but I am making quite a few things this Christmas due to lack of funds plus I don't know what anybody wants and nobody really needs anything. I have decided to make what I would like to receive, such as Christmas baubles with Lady Diana, Scott and Charlene and Bet Lynch on. I really need to find some Golden Girl things as my mum likes them and I might make a Blanche fairy for her tree. Yess!!

Here is a lovely zine I received from April in New Zealand all about the cats in her neighbourhood.  One of my favourite pastimes is to make cat friends but at home I have to do it when Daniel isn't watching. It’s wonderful and you can buy a copy here

Look at all these stamps! Beauties.

Incomings from Megan with an envelope of paper goodness.

Lots more incomings....

and beautiful post from Jamie that made me cry, but of course it was the pickle I just ate that got stuck in my throat (I proper cried, but nice tears).

I best go now, I need to go and get some more glitter and have a cup-a-soup for strength.