Everyday- Daniel Recently.

In recent months Daniel has become quite bossy, more than he is usually. He is getting slower and can't always jump up on the fence like he used to but still manages to find the time to shout at me and jump on the bed to wake me up in the morning. Some days he is very orange, other days quite pale. sometimes he is very jolly, sometimes he won't speak all day.

He dribbles a lot and is very judgemental. If I move things about or Daniel time isn't adhered to at half past ten in the morning, that's it for the day. He favours tuna over his meats and this has to be interspersed with salmon and biscuits.

Now that summer has arrived he is very cross as he gets really hot and spends a lot of time asleep on the roof or under the table. He has in recent days took over my garden chair as his own and I am not allowed on it.

He hates any of my flowers and digs them up a lot, the newest being my marigolds which we have yet to speak about.  He is coming round to the greenhouse in the garden now and has been to the toilet all around it so I think that means it is safe.

Daniel also hates having his picture taken but these were done when he had just had some salmon and some Primula cheese spread.

Thanks Daniel. Your'e the best.