Letters- Birthday and Outgoings.

It now seems that all of my old posts from the Wordpress site have vanished completely but the writings seem to have gone over to Blogger but not the pictures. I fretted for about ten minutes over this and thought oh how dreadful, but then I thought it really doesn't matter as I have all of the blog pictures over on Flickr so shut-up going on about it Emma. I may re-do some of these posts as 'one from the vaults' types of things in the future but I don't know yet.

I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday and I had planned my birthday week to be one of tidying up and preparation as I had got two tickets for the Ideal Home Show in Manchester. This was most exciting as Laurence Llewellyn Bowen was going to be there and George Clarke and I wanted to tell them it was my birthday and get presents and some housewares like a free vase or rug. By the time I arrived Laurence and George had gone home for their tea.

After getting used to this news I bought some lovely soaps, a pork and stuffing bap which I then realised I couldn't eat because of my braces, a very posh handmade notebook, collected three goody bags all for me and had a piece of gourmet sausage.

After all of this excitement I walked over to the Trafford Centre, went on the carousel, saw some singing teddies, I bought a bag with bananas on and then went for a very big tea of chicken, shrimps, burgers, mozzarella sticks, spicy sauces, strawberry daiquiris and blueberry mojitos.  32 was a good birthday.

In the past few weeks I have received letters from Korina and Kate.

I made some Lady Di post for Lori.

I sent one of my late sister Alison's zines off to the Salford Zine Library to be part of their collection. I am going to make a very special effort to visit them during the summer.

I sent a reply out to Kate. I used some old 45 record sleeves as envelopes. It was my first time using them so hopefully I will get better at putting them together.