Letters- Incoming.

Some lovely post from Debbie that I received back in April.  I keep apologising about my slowness in replying to all of my letters but I have come to realise that I just take longer to write and decorate and send nice things than I used to. I get distracted a lot and I can't change as I have always wandered off, even getting lost in Morrison's once when I was little as I wanted to see the cabbage patch kid shelf but ended up in the freezer section. My sister came and rescued me from a life living amongst fish fingers and ice pops and my mum says I was only lost for minutes at the most. Wandering round the vast expanse of 80's freezers at 5 years old it felt like years.


Here is my lovely post from Debbie, which included a lovely set of zines and books, a toy caterpillar, penguin and a bird feeder that you make yourself with a lemonade bottle. I will wait until September to set it up properly as the birds will need bigger dinners by then.