Letters- In and out.

This week I received some beautiful post from Mira, which contained a Charles and Lady Di pomander which is the best thing of theirs I have ever seen. Also some seaside beach flags which I have always wanted, a pencil, sticker, card that reminded of my granddad and I got tearful and a lovely make-up bag which now holds my nail varnishes and is hung up on a peg for seriousness. The pomander is a very welcome addition to the Charles and Lady Di shelf I have made room for. I don't know how I have ended up collecting stuff of theirs but I really like it. Anybody have or see any Charles and Di things and would like to swap them for tasteful treats then let me know!

Some incomings from Keiko in Japan, and some birthday washi tape. 

Outgoing to Keiko and to Jasmine in Canada.