Letters- Ins-Outs-Fancy times.

A lot of applying has been done under the watchful gaze of Daniel this week and we wrote a lot of replies and did a lot of catching up, new letters, parcels and received some right nice things. I went to the park again today and got another 99. I just felt myself start to walk towards the ice cream van and before I could change my glasses it was in my hand. I ate it all.

Firstly here are some Etsy things I bought from Sophie Corrigan.

I ordered these two cards both as presents and she included a picture she drew of a cat with a fish biscuit in its mouth.

You can visit Sophie here and here and her Etsy shop is here.

I sent out posts to Carrie and Alison and Daniel had his picture taken nice.


I received a lovely letter full of treats, collage, animal print and glitter from Sarah in Canada.

I received some lovely post from Kate with very posh tape attached.

Outgoing to Kat for her birthday times.

Outgoing to Emma with some very overdue trinkets inside.

Record sleeve letters to Megan, Lorelai and Kamilla.

Outgoing to Alison.

Incoming from Kamilla with my very own Letrasets. I have always wanted some and now I have my very own.

Incoming post from Debbie with a Postman Pat, some shells, a Tomato Ketchup patch, animal stamper, pencil, cat brooch, hair clips and a Simpsons comic.

and my outgoing to Debbie. Phew!