Collections- Ati Forberg

One of my favourite illustrators is Ati Forberg and I was very happy to find a book illustrated by her in the charity shop for 50p. I was also sad to find out that she had recently passed away just two days after I had bought this book.  It is quite rare to find books illustrated by her or if you do they are never 50p. I love her style of drawing, and the colours that she uses and I will treasure this book always. If anybody has any Ati Forberg illustrated books that you would like to swap for stuff then do please let me know so I can put them on my Ati Forberg shelf.

Also last week I received a lovely parcel of trinkets from another of my favourite illustrators Viktorija from AndSmile Studio.

Recently Viktorija designed a range of brooches and prints with the theme 'craft is in my blood' and I really loved it. I never thought that when Viktorija made lucky dip bags special that mine would come with three pieces of the design inside!

Lovely stuff. Thank you Viktorija and thank you Ati.