Letters-Incomings/outgoings- Swaps, Beetles and Trinkets.

Its September and it is my favourite month and time of year. It is already quite chilly and I have sorted out my jumper collection ready for when they are needed, along with tights, cardigans and a selection of small hats. Preparation always. 

This week I have received some beautiful posts but firstly here is my outgoing to Hollie with a cat and her kittens on.

Bucks Fizz for Ethel, which in turn I hummed for three days afterwards.

Incoming spots from Kate.

Outgoing to Kate. I went a bit overboard with the bingo marker but they are fun to use. I'm looking out for pink, orange and yellow ones.

I received a beautiful box of trinkets from Simon, as part of an instagram swap. I couldn't believe the things in the parcel, it was a big colourful kitsch box of special.

Minder and Bergerac?! Yes please!

Special badge to add to my Charles and Di collection. I will wear it to the orthodontist tomorrow.

and to finish a lovely beetle friend, who will go on the shell shelf until I collect enough beetle friends for him to sit with.