Everyday-Coughs, Colds and the M62.

I have spent most of this past week with my mouth open, breathing loudly and blowing my nose. Yesterday to get out, I went to the garden centre with my mum and I coughed so much I cried. I had some asparagus soup in the posh cafe and took home 12 sachets of gratis mayonnaise for the future. 

Today I went to Leeds to look at bows and arrows with my brother. I like motorways if I am a passenger and I very much like going over the top of the M62. It is the highest motorway in England at 1220 ft above sea level.  My ears used to pop going over as a kid and I would always look to spot the summit sign. It was very snowy and I took snowy pictures out the window. I felt about 9 years old.

The bow shop was serious and I breathed and snotted my way round and then sat down out of the way as I got far too tired. I did spot neon arrows and these will be mine once I have saved up.

On the way home I looked at the snow again, blew my nose and counted pylons.

Nice things this week is this post from Heather in Japan. Beautifuls.

Lovely post from Heidi.

Such a beautiful badge to add to my coat.

The best Christmas card ever.

My outgoings to Carrie.

Out to Heidi.

Will my nose ever stop running?