Daytrips- Manchester/Jodrell Bank

In February, myself and my friend Lisa, who you met on Delemere Forest day, spent the morning in Manchester taking pictures of car parks and concrete things and we visited Emmeline Pankhursts house which was very exciting and then we spent the last bits of the afternoon at Jodrell Bank. This day is known as car park/Jodrell Bank day.

I hadn't been for years and it has a nice new cafe that serves your tea in a very big pot. It was nearly home time when we arrived so we didn't spend long there. It was very cold the day we went and I went dressed for a sunny April day not the cold windy Cheshire plains. I did find 29p in the various Manchester car parks we visited and I learnt that turquoise tights are not the correct attire with red shoes at a scientific area of interest in February. 

The Lovell Telescope is beautiful and here is some brain data for you-  I went to a dance thing at Jodrell Bank when I was 16 and it was called Lynx Location Apollo. The dish was lit up and I saw Republica (where are they now?) I haven't imagined this, it really happened, I was there and there's a video of it here! Thank you YouTube! 

I liked the colour of these conifers in their dark winter plumage, so I thought you might like them as well.