Letters- The apple crumble that never was.

This week I picked up some fallen apples at the allotment with an idea of making a nice crumble with them. Unfortunately when I got them home, some of them had worms in and what looked liked a worm village with local shop and amenities had been built. I did take this stylish cookbook picture of said apples so I could remember the crumble that never was in years to come by saying 'oh look, remember those windfall apples I foraged, and I made such a beautiful crumble with them, so yummy, much autumnal'  When what really happened was I couldn't bulldoze worm world for the sake of using up my tin of custard, a gang of spiders had made a dance floor inside the bag and there was a moth with red eyes clinging onto the side of a mashed up apple eating its tea. It was too much so I went and bought some mince pies from Aldi instead. Worm world is now worm city in my back garden with a library, swimming pool and newly built retail park.

Here are some outgoings to India, Siobahn, Karen and Kat.

Outgoings to Ingrid and Anne.

Outgoings to Ana and Helene.

Incomings from Beth and Megan.

My sister made an apple crumble today as she sent me a picture of it so at least a crumble was made and eaten somewhere.