Daniel-The melancholy world of Daniels Spring.

The clocks have gone back for autumn and I always like how long and sleepy the rest of the day is with the extra hour floating about. Daniel doesn't like autumn one bit and is already getting ready for bed earlier and making meep noises at everything. Now that it is cardigan time and Daniels big winter bed has come out I like to look back through the months and see if he really is just very emotional to his daily surroundings or a cantankerous moody old boy. 

Here we have January Daniel with his winter coat and leg warmers that he grows special. He spends most of his winter days asleep on his hamper, eating big dinners and his sausage treats for pudding. The mood is set for his discontent as shown in these colourless pictures of sadness.

I was pleased as my snowdrops started to flower and my blackcurrant bushes made tiny bud currants ready for summer. 

Daniels February mood was darkened further when I started to tidy up and cut stuff down in the garden. He thought I was just taking a before and after photo of the garden so I haven't mentioned the awful truth that was lurking behind him. Note- Myself and fence cat are quite good friends and he visits often and I give him biscuits and sometimes some squirty cream but Daniel knows nothing about my secret and I feel sick even typing this in case he comes into the room and reads this.

In other news, my mouse friend came to visit for the seeds I was leaving out for him and his lady friend mouse and the sun started to move further round in the sky and would set all golden. Daniel still wasn't really amused, choosing to wash himself and sniff things.

March arrived and with it, brought a bit of sun and some waking ups and tiny bulbs through the soil. My clematis grew really big on the windowsill and a very early butterfly hatched out and dried itself off in the tree. I showed Daniel this wondrous sight and I felt sure he would shed some of his coat and go for a walk round the street in excitement. He didn't. 

Finally April and the blossom and the warm sunny afternoons making you think they had always been there started to return. Daniel suddenly burst into life, rolling around on the grass in full view of everyone, showing off his bits and sunbathing. 

'Look Daniel, orange just like you!'

'Piss off' he said.

He often swears like this and it is a good sign that he is feeling better.

In the next instalment entitled 'Love and Daniel in the Summer season' Daniel has a haircut, throws a tantrum and gets sunstroke.