Day Trips- Delamere Forest.

Sometimes I think I live the life of a moth. Hibernating all winter only to move about briefly for bits and pieces. Wake up and stretch myself out as the spring arrives and start to do small tasks. I enjoy the summer months, watch the season change and get strap lines on my feet from my sandals. Keeping busy floating about oblivious only for the autumn to arrive, where I start eating more cake for the winter strength I need and then back to the comfort of my cardigans until the following February. It's not really the life of a moth but its the best I could come up with and I like moths. 

I have had these pictures on my computer since January when they were taken and this isn't the best moth behaviour. and my friend Lisa went to Delamere Forest in Cheshire for a day out. It was part day trip/work trip eat some apple pie and walk around nice trip. I seem to have blinked and it's now October and I remember thinking to myself at the time of these pictures that soon everything will be coming to life again, the days will get warmer, the trees will wake up and the winter cold on my face will be swapped in the summer for a £9.99 fan. Now I am uneasy about the mixed weather we are currently having. The tights or no tights rule and having to put the big light on at half past six. NOTE- I didn't see any moths on this day trip.

PS-No harm came to the doll in the picture. She was our faithful prop for the day and she lives in Lisa’s house safe.