Daniel- Love and Daniel in the Summer Season.

In this instalment of what Daniel has been up to this year we are entering the Summer months and finishing at the start of Autumn. Daniel likes Summer very much and spends a lot of time outdoors on his chair, rolling around in the grass and digging up my special plants so that he can go to the toilet on them.

On this particular day in July, I gave Daniel a small haircut around his mane as he gets hot and food stuck in it. He didn't like this and scratched me. As you can see only a small bit managed to be clipped and it is not straight.

I tried to lighten the mood by showing him a ring I've had for years that looks like him.

He hated it.

My big bee hotel plant started to flower and I counted over 30 bees on it having their dinner and chatting to each other.

My delphiniums and foxgloves flowered.

Daniel spent his August days slowly moving from chair to shade to the floor to the grass. Here shows Daniel very hot and sweaty but he wouldn't come in which meant he made himself sick and got sunstroke and then had to be forceably kept in with the fan on his ears. 'ludicrous Daniel' I said.

Our potatoes started to grow and all of our flowers opened.

Daniel showed how clean he keeps his feet.

September came with late flowers, more sleeping and a new blanket for Daniels outside chair.

I can smell this buddleia.

Last bits of evening sun as it starts to get colder.

The Autumn and Winter months are a mixed one with Daniel as his mood changes terrible. So far we are looking forward to Christmas, his big move indoors as his summer chairs are put away and what princess Daniels attitude will be like once he realises his outside toilet is wet from the rain and will dirty his feet.