Everyday-Not much going on except Daniel and Mushrooms.

My phone packed in on Friday night. It isn't a matter for the Red Cross but it was still annoying all the same. Instead I used the house phone and ate salt and shake crisps like 1998. I finished two books and watched The Golden Girls. I made phone calls like Hyacinth Bucket to the bosses of many companies and ventured to Liverpool this morning to visit a place called the Genius Bar where I positioned myself on high seats not made for people who are 5ft 4. The nice genius man said my phone had become unresponsive and asked if I had completed all the button presses and is the battery dead? 'What where you doing before it switched off?' He said. I wanted to say something rude but I kept it in and I was given a replacement.

I left and got myself a cup of expensive unresponsive tea and thought about going to the Chinese supermarket. In the car park lift, a man with many dry cleaned suits under his arm was talking to his mum on the phone about chicken drumsticks.  He likes them but only when he wants them, not every weekend and certainly not Cajun. Exiting the lift I found a 1p and then a Tears for Fears CD in front of my car. I shall be their custodians and I forgot how good this song is! I was singing so much I missed the supermarket turn off but still a good mornings work and enlightenment about chicken drumsticks.

Daniel is having his flea drops after and I have bought tuna so as to treat said occasion as a party so that he doesn't lick it off like last time and throw up in my shoes. 

It was bloody cold out today and I need a hat. Daniel doesn't like hats but I have fashioned him a papoose for outside walks. Daniel hates outside this week.

He hates that his chair has unfinished paint on it.

Hates it.

He cannot even bring himself to look at it.

My mountain berries and peppers are still doing good work, but Daniel hates them.

He lost two whiskers on the carpet last Thursday and is filled with angst about why they fell out.

These are good though aren't they?